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We now accept sites that follow link-o-rama trusted submitter rules
found here . You don't need a user name and password, just submit as normal.
(still no hardcore on your warning page please)
* NO Child Porn, No Animals, No Water Sports, No Rape, No Incest, No Celeb Pix & NO OBSCENE PIX
we no longer accept BDSM sites

1 Your site must be 100% FREE!  AVS is welcome!, but no pay sites.....
AVS can only be listed in that AVS category.....
2 Your site must have at least 20 uncensored pictures.
3 No blind "enter" links or any "enter" link other than the one on your warning page please..
 4 No popup ads One FPA (Full Page Ad) is Ok...
5 Not more than 3 banners per page please.
6 You must give me a link on the same page you submit (Your warning page).
Your warning page can't have any hardcore pix or banners.
This includes counters and button links to other link sites!
(they can't include hardcore images)

7 Our link on your site is verified weekly!
8 Please only submit one site a day.
9 If you use doorway pages please use the same page for us and and several other major link sites. (we allow as many links to other link lists as you want)
If your site is down for any 48 hour period, it will be dropped and you won't get an email - but you can submit again.

11 Please use the same name and email every time you submit.
Your galleries can be on a different domain (ie: sponser hosted galleries are OK)

If you change your site after you submit it, you could be dropped without notice.

If you're posting a TGP page make sure you list it
in one of the TGP categories! NO HARDCORE PIX ON TPG's!

Find NEW linking info here as of 1-24-2011

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Any questions email them to billt (AT) 1freepornfinder.com